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Kingfield’s plant features some of the most innovative technology in Australia’s hot dip galvanizing industry. Considered to be a benchmark for the industry, Kingfield uses automated materials handling systems to deliver greater processing consistency, therefore reducing consumption of chemicals and waste production. With a plant capacity of up to 30,000 tonnes per annum, a focus on sustainability and quadruple bottom line outcomes; the facility’s innovative systems reduce emissions, increase recycling, re-use outputs to minimise waste, improve workplace safety and create a cleaner working environment.

galvanized steel

Environmental Product Declaration

Kingfield Galvanizing is the first galvanizer in Australia to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) registered with EPD Australasia, for galvanized steel. This EPD contributes to  the GBCA’s Green Star credits for Green Star® rated commercial construction projects and communities. Kingfield Galvanizing was also a contributor to the Australian Galvanizing Association Industry EPD, registered with EPD Australasia, which contributes to ISCA’s IS Rating Scheme for infrastructure projects.

Product Health Declaration

Kingfield Galvanizing has also achieved a Global GreenTag® Product Health Declaration (PhD). This is the first certification tool of its kind in the world that recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100% transparency, the toxicity information of their product. A PhD provides a clear understanding of any associated health hazards or risks associated with certified products. Kingfield’s Platinum rated PhD meets the Indoor Air Quality, VOC emission requirements for Green Star®, LEED® & BREEAM® and the WELL™ Building Standard: Enhanced Material Safety Feature.

Sustainability Policy

Kingfield’s investment in sustainable galvanizing was designed to deliver a commercially viable Australian benchmark for the future of galvanizing. To achieve this, we developed initiatives under three key sustainability criteria; Recycling, Reducing Environmental Impacts and Improved Workplace Safety. This commitment is outlined in our Sustainability Policy

Environmental Management System

The combination of automation, innovation and enclosed zones create process improvements to deliver a range of recycling benefits, reduce the emissions generated by traditional galvanizing and improve safety throughout the different processing zones of a galvanizing plant. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our annual continuous improvement objectives are detailed in our EMS.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kingfield is committed to making sustainable decisions across all aspects of our business operations. We follow the guidelines of ISO20400 with regard to workplace safety, human rights, fair operating practices and our choice of supply chain partners. Our 2018-19 Corporate Social Responsibility Report focuses on three pillars that are essential to our business success, to our selection of supply chain partners and our stakeholders. We take a quadruple bottom line approach to corporate governance and view sustainable prosperity as the persistent commitment to innovation in products, processes and business systems.

To view our commitment, download a copy of our CSR Report.

Plant Development

Kingfield’s plant transformation creates a controlled, measured and reliable galvanizing environment, while delivering a range of sustainability benefits that are detailed below.

  • The enclosed Pre-Treatment area cleans acid from the air and re-uses it in Pre-Treatment tanks to reduce waste and minimise water use.
  • Heat from the furnace used to heat zinc in the HDG bath is recycled and re-used to heat Pre-Treatment chemicals.
  • The Baghouse collects Zinc Fume Emissions to reclaim zinc particulates.
  • All zinc ash and dross formed in the galvanizing process is recycled and re-used.
  • Water run-off is captured and re-used across the site.

  • The enclosed Pre-Treatment area captures acid emissions in the air. Once collected these corrosive emissions are treated via a Scrubber and exhaust clean air to the environment.
  • By heating and re-using chemicals, chemical usage and waste is reduced.
  • Demonstrable benefits to our supply chain on lower energy consumption, reduced chemical use & waste reduction.

  • Enclosed Pre-treatment zones, bunded areas and advanced plumbing systems minimise worker’s exposure to chemicals.
  • Superior materials handling systems include: 30 jigs, 6 lifting and lowering stations, distribution crane and monorail reduce manual handling.
  • Equipment operates in safety zones and removes manual handling on the galvanizing line to protect workers from injury.
  • Remote-control galvanizing system controls the angle and speed at which steel is dipped in the HDG bath for greater worker safety