Kingfield Galvanizing wins Australian Construction Award

Kingfield Galvanizing has won the Process Innovation Award at this year’s Australian Construction Awards for their technological advances in the hot dip galvanizing (HDG) industry. The Awards honour Australia’s construction, design, built environment and architecture industry.

Kingfield’s process innovation integrates sustainability and automation in a state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing facility, in Somerton, Victoria. The plant is considered a benchmark for the future of Australia’s hot dip galvanizing industry. With a focus on quadruple bottom line outcomes, the facility uses technology to lower emissions, improve both workplace safety and the working environment, increase recycling and re-use outputs to minimise waste.

Kingfield Galvanizing’s Chair, Steve Lelli commented “We are still basking in the delight of winning the Premiers Sustainability Award 2017 and this accolade for Process Innovation awarded by a panel of our industry peers is amazing. The acknowledgement of our investment and support for our belief that industry can be environmentally responsible and commercially viable is fantastic. We have a long way to go but, we are committed to further investment that supports our sustainability focus.”