This is Kingfield

  • Somerton Plant | Automatic crane in storage area
  • Somerton Plant | Sealed Pre-treatment room
  • Somerton Plant | Galvanizing in the zinc bath
  • Somerton Plant | Exit end of zinc bath enclosure
To support the Australian steel industry by providing the ultimate protective coating with a truly personal and responsive service.
Give people what they want and they will keep coming back.
You can always talk directly to the people who know what’s going on with your job.
From the biggest infrastructure projects to the smallest engineering components we have a 30 year track record of delivering the full service.

Our history

From humble beginnings Kingfield has become a truly significant part of the Australian steel industry

And all this from a bold plan scribbled on a place mat in 1983!

Kingfield Galvanizing was formed following a ‘business lunch’ between two metallurgists, Clive King and Colin Standfield. Based on detailed financial modelling (on the back of a table placemat), and their experience working with other galvanizers,  they secured a small block of land in Epping, sourced second-hand equipment and commenced galvanizing in March, 1983. The first production run consisted of litter bins from Cowan Engineering. Fairly rapid growth lead to a search for a larger facility and a 12,000sqm site was secured in Campbellfield in 1985, with production commencing in 1986. Colin had strong ties at the Norwood Football Club and with the assistance of many of the team and family member’s, a new facility was built with two baths: a large one for structural work and a smaller one for spinning.

Buoyed by the successful operations at Campbellfield, Clive and Colin expanded their galvanizing footprint by partnering with others in progressively opening new plants in Brisbane, Geelong, Darwin, Christchurch (NZ) and Sydney. In addition, they exported their knowledge overseas by developing the successful consultancy, Kingfield Equipment, which lead to the design and fit-out of over 50 galvanizing plants throughout Asia. In addition to this, a major galvanizing customer sought to outsource their fabricating operations and so Kingfield Fabrications was formed.


Sadly Clive became ill and passed away in 2007. During this time, the King and Standfield families looked to sell all of their galvanizing interests. Interests in Brisbane, Sydney and Christchurch were sold, as was the Kingfield Equipment business. The galvanizing business in Campbellfield and part ownership in Geelong and Darwin were however retained and with Clive’s wife, Elaine joining the Board of Directors, a decision was taken to continue these interests. This ultimately lead to an increased commitment to Darwin Galvanizing with a restructuring of that business and the building of a new galvanizing plant in 2012. The next chapter of this very successful story will be the commissioning of new galvanizing plant in Somerton (around the corner from Campbellfield) in 2014 which will ensure that the name Kingfield is synonymous with galvanizing for many years to come.



The place mat that started it all in 1983

Kingfield Galvanizing Place Mat