Tribute to Steve Laussen

It is with great sadness that we report that our former CEO and close friend Steve Laussen passed away on Saturday the 4th December 2021.

Steve came to Kingfield in December 2009 after working in sports management as football manager with the Sydney Swans, then as a Commercial Director at Dun and Bradstreet. When invited to take on a new challenge at Kingfield, Steve threw himself in to the fray with great enthusiasm and energy. His legacy at Kingfield will be long lasting in many ways. The new Plant at Somerton is as a result of Steve’s personal effort and leadership.

Stephen was a wonderful man dedicated to his family, friends, and his colleagues. He had incredibly strong values and was loyal and true. He will be missed by all, in particular his wife Sarah Jo, his daughter Ella and sons Henry and William.

Pictured here with Erin Englezakis & Gary Vick after winning the Premier’s Sustainability Award in 2017.

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