The idea for Kingfield Galvanizing was developed at a ‘business lunch’ in 1983 between two metallurgists, Clive King and Colin Standfield. At lunch they developed a detailed financial model (left) for the business idea on the back of a table mat.

Clive and Colin combined their experience in working with galvanizers, sourced second-hand galvanizing equipment, secured a small block of land in Epping and commenced hot dip galvanizing in March 1983. Their first order was a run of litter bins for Cowan Engineering.

Kingfield enjoyed rapid growth and expanded to a 12,000m² site in Campbellfield in 1985. Thanks to Colin’s connections, the plant was built with the assistance of both family and players of the Norwood Football Club. The new facility featured two baths; one for structural work and another for spinning.

Over the years Clive and Colin partnered with other businesses to expand their operations, opening new plants in Brisbane, Geelong, Darwin, Christchurch (NZ) and Sydney. Their IP was highly valued overseas and via their consultancy, Kingfield Equipment, Clive and Colin designed and fitted over 50 galvanizing plants throughout Asia.

Sadly, Clive passed away in 2007, prompting the King and Standfield families to sell Kingfield Equipment and their galvanizing interests in Brisbane, Sydney and Christchurch. The galvanizing business in Campbellfield, along with part ownership in Geelong and Darwin were retained and Clive’s wife, Elaine joined the Board of Directors.

In 2012 Darwin Galvanizing was restructured and a new hot dip galvanizing facility was built to support the local market needs. And in 2014 Kingfield Galvanizing commissioned a new state-of-the-art galvanizing plant in Somerton that has become the benchmark for the future of Australia’s hot dip galvanizing industry.