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Prefabricated Flat-Pack Modular Portable building

SAFEONSITE is a portable building with a difference!

It can be folded flat for easy transport and storage.
But that's not all. . . . . . . . .
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Great Features | Built for industry

We run our own industrial sites in Melbourne and Darwin and we know what our people need to get the job done.
We listen to our users and integrate their ideas into our product. SAFEONSITE is not only built by us, but also by our users.

SAFEONSITE is is a prefabricated, flat-pack, modular site building that has many applications. It can be used for storage, as a workshop, as a pedestrian tunnel or for any other application that requires security and weather protection.

SafeOnSite Features Flat Pack - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Flat Pack

Folds down to 1/10th of full size.
Easy to transport and store!
The flat packed modules can be stacked on top of each other and they lock together to keep them safe.
A stack of 5 modules is only 1.8m high, but when unfolded it gives you the same volume as two forty foot shipping containers.
SafeOnSite Features Prefabricated - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building


No on-site fabrication required.
is fully prefabricated at the factory so it can be quickly and easily erected on site. Simply lift the roof with a forklift or a crane and the walls fold out automatically.
Insert the support columns and lock them in place with the press of a button.
It takes only an hour to set up 5 modules and fit 4 doors.
SafeOnSite Features Modular - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building


Join as many modules as you need.
You can make a building of virtually unlimited size and change its length at any time by adding or removing modules.
The modules are locked to together with special connecting pins which are simply fitted and removed with a hammer. The pins always stay attached to the columns so they can’t be lost.
SafeOnSite Features Drive Through Access  - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Drive Through

Full sized doors at both ends.
You can drive right through, or access your goods from either end. Much more usable than single end opening containers.  Great for faster loading and unloading of vehicles, and safer too.
SafeOnSite Features Large Door Opening - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Large Door Opening

For large equipment.
Much bigger than any shipping container.
You can drive a truck through the 3.5m wide x 3.2m high doors, literally! And once you’re parked inside there’s plenty of room to open your door. Forklifts with standard height masts can work inside, so you don’t need a special container forklift.
SafeOnSite Features Roof Hooks - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Roof Suspension Points

For hoist or block and tackle.
There is a hoist hanging point at the joint between each module. Each point can carry 750kg. Hang your hoist to make loading and unloading easy. The hanging points are also ideal for workshop applications.
SafeOnSite Features Service Door Access - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Service Door

For personnel access.
Standard door height for convenient entry and exit. No need to open the large main doors for people or small items. Lockable to secure your stored items.
SafeOnSite Features Removeable Panels  - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building

Removeable Panels

For simple replacement.
The panels just slide out of the wall frames, but only after the columns are removed. They can be replaced with other material up to 16mm thick to suit your needs, like added thermal insulation, or corporate branding.
SafeOnSite Features Durable - Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular Portable Building


For low maintenance and long service life.
Designed and manufactured in Australia. The frames are made with premium grade Australian steel and are hot dip galvanized to ensure long life in the harshest environments. The wall panels are made from 100% recycled polyethylene which has very high impact strength and outdoor durability.

SAFEONSITE is tough!

So tough we couldn't break it with a sledgy.
Watch the video to see how tough it is.

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