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With completely sealed pre-treatment room, energy recovery systems, dust capture enclosure and waste recycling all built in.

After 30 years of operation, the old Kingfield plant required major refurbishment works to modernise equipment and improve throughput for our growing customer base. As a family owned business with roots in the local community, the major shareholders were keen to invest in the long-term future of galvanizing in Australia.

Kingfield’s investment in the new plant was designed to deliver a commercially viable Australian benchmark for the future of galvanizing. To achieve this, we developed initiatives under three key sustainability criteria; Recycling, Reducing Environmental Impacts and Improved Workplace Safety. For more details view our Environmental Policy.

If you’re working on an ISCA or Green Star rated project and require a copy of our Environmental Management System, please Contact Us for a copy.

Kingfield has released our 2018-19 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which focuses on three pillars that are essential to our business success, to our choice of supply chain partners and our stakeholders. We take a quadruple bottom line approach to corporate governance and view sustainable prosperity as a persistent commitment to innovation in products, processes and business systems. Download a copy of our CSR Report.

The following information provides a visual comparison of the processes in a typical galvanizing plant to those of our new Somerton facility.

Old Building - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Building exterior

The old plant served Kingfield Galvanizing well for almost 30 years. Cramped for space and with an ageing plant, scope to grow and embrace new technology was limited. What was OK then, is unsatisfactory now.

New Building - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Building exterior

A leap of faith by major shareholders Elaine King and Colin Standfield and their progressive Board  ensured the future of Hot Dip Galvanizing at Kingfield Galvanizing with enclosed pre-treatment and automation. Another 30 years of sustainable growth will be the outcome.

Old Storage - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Internal Storage

The old plant was restricted in both width and length and materials handling was always compromised by availability of cranes, jig stands and space.

New Storage - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Internal Storage

The new plant has a main hall area that is separated from the galvanizing process and is larger than the total area of the old plant.  This removes the compromises due to space and creates a more flexible and safer environment, as well as the ability to unload and load trucks under cover.

Crane rails have been installed in the main hall for future installation of stacker cranes which will significantly reduce forklift movements and further enhance efficiency and safety.

Old Jigging - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Jigging Process

The old plant had only two jig stands for wiring/hooking untreated product.  These stands were static in height. The placement of empty jigs and movement of loaded jigs at the old plant required the use of a hoist and remote control.

New Jigging - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Jigging Process

The new plant has up to six jig stands for wiring/hooking untreated product.  Each of these stands can be raised and lowered at either end for safer and ergonomic jigging.  Empty jigs are delivered to jig stands automatically and loaded jigs are removed from the stands automatically providing a safer, more efficient and user friendly environment.

Old Crane - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Material Handling

The old plant used manually controlled overhead cranes to move material around the plant.  There was only enough room and lifting equipment to handle 10 jigs of work at any one time.
New Crane - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Material Handling

The new plant uses a distribution crane to automatically move jigs loaded with untreated product into the distribution area, move jigs loaded with galvanized product onto jig stands and return empty jigs to jig stands ready for loading.  The distribution area has 24 stands for storing untreated or galvanized product or empty jigs. The system can efficiently handle 30 jigs in the process at one time and the computerised system knows where each jig is located and moves them according to the pre-treatment recipe chosen and the work schedule.

Old Tanks - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Tank Desgn

The old tanks had steel ribbing and steel plate which was protected against impact by rubber lining and timbers.

New Tanks - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Tank Design

The new tanks from Koerner also use steel ribbing, but the tank walls and floor are made from continuous seamless Glass Reinforced Ploymer, so there are no joints at all.  This makes the tanks extremely tough and durable.

The frames on the Koerner tanks are further protected against corrosion by a double-layer laminate cover.

Old Pre-Treatment - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Pre-treatment

The old plant had an open pre-treatment area.

New Fumes - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Pre-treatment

The new plant is unique compared to all other hot dip galvanizing plants in Australia in that the entire pre-treatment process is automated and conducted in a fully enclosed, sealed room. Fume extraction is continuous and is increased if work is moving in or out of the room or staff enter or leave the room.  The negative pressure created by the fume extraction system ensures no fumes escape into the plant or environment.    The enclosed room and fume extraction allows for chemicals to be heated which increases the efficacy of the chemicals as well as reducing the amount of waste created.

Old Fumes - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Fume Extraction

The old plant did not have fume extraction for the pre-treatment area.

Kingfield Galvanizing - Sealed pre-treatment room

New Fume Extraction

Fumes from the fully enclosed pre-treatment room are extracted using a variable speed pump that adjusts for movement in and out of the room.  The fumes are treated using a wet scrubber. Scrubbing the exhaust air prevents the release of aggressive and harmful vapours into the environment. Vapours and gases are absorbed into the scrubbing liquid (water) and returned to the acid tanks. The performance of the scrubber is continuously monitored to ensure system integrity.

Old Furnace Access - Kingfield Galvanizing

Old Furnace Access

The old plant was very cramped and provided little space to monitor and repair the furnace.  Visibility  and access was poor.

New Furnace Access - Kingfield Galvanizing

New Furnace Access

The new plant provides full access around the perimeter of the furnace at standing height.  It has designated stairs and full lighting to enable safe and efficient monitoring of the furnace system.

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