Developed for remote locations

SAFEONSITE was designed to address the need for secure storage and transfer of medicines in refugee situations.
Refugee Camp

A unique product for an important need

One significant issue for aid agencies in refugee situations is the safe storage and transfer of medicines. SAFEONSITE was developed to address this need by providing a large, secure, relocatable  building which trucks can drive through for loading and unloading.  The frame is galvanized steel and the walls are 15mm thick polyethylene.  These materials make SAFEONSITE extremely strong and durable, and also importantly they are of little value on the illegal scrap markets.  By having full size doors on each end and the ability to hoist loads from the roof,  SAFEONSITE provides a ready made portable warehouse for remote locations.  Because it can be flat packed quickly it can be easily moved to respond to changing conditions.

Features ideal for many other applications

The features built into SAFEONSITE for refugee situations are also very valuable for many other demanding environments.  Industrial situations like mining and construction sites or railway and road maintenance projects have similar needs for security, shelter and access.  After developing the product for  international relief Kingfield has adapted the design to suit industrial conditions and remote Australian locations.  This included testing to Australian Standards for cyclone winds and rating the roof load to 750kg per module.

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SafeOnSite Tray Truck Driving In Prefabricated Flat Pack Portable Building

Award Winning Design

SAFEONSITE recently received a Steel Excellence Award from the Australian Steel Institute. The judging criteria included:

Overall Design Merit
Construction Efficiency
Environmental Sustainability

SafeOnSite Steel award